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Aakriti Acetech Bed


The series Acetech is a contemporary product, of international taste, with hints of sophisticated classicism. A refined and elegant piece of furniture, which is expressed through the play of shapes and upholstery of the headboard and bed frame. Every detail reveals its luxurious appearance that fits intimately in the context of the house, bringing you with its grace and delicate modernity, a breath of innovation and beauty.  


Singapore Series an elegant, refined wooden frame showing the greatness of value given by the handcrafted manufacturing.
Precious metal inlay in all product features embellishes the outline with a touch of exclusivity. Singapore Series is with a strong personality, a real protagonist of the bedroom. 

Aakriti Singapore Bed


The frame is in solid wood and the tailor-made upholstery is available in “criss-cross velvet, fabric, or customer-provide fabric. The polyester decoration of the frame  of nightstands is applied with metal emblem in Brass matt finish. 

Aakriti Harlem Bed


​ Geometric alchemy, light and volumetric elements that intertwine in harmony of the room resulting in beauty and uniqueness. In its composition and use, it is made up of elements with simple geometries but rich in materials and finishes.

Aakriti Bruno Bed


A young and romantic bed with bedhead and bedfoot realized in fluted detail.The precious fabric are full of charm and give a unique athmosphere. Perfect combination can be realized with the base to be decorated in a wide range of finishings.

Aakriti Dakota Bed


Simple with warmth of  wood that make the bed breathing the room, enriching the environment with a unique expression of craftsmanship. Same theme continues on   sitting & other products of series.

Aakriti Crescent Bed


The wide headboard is in wood  with Convex detail and hugs the sides in an ideal comforting embrace. The covering of the headboard and of the bed frame can be customized with fabric. 


A precious and refined bed, born from an agreeable design mixed of contemporary shapes and classic mood. The bed is available with two different bedhead heights and is realizable with smooth panels and pleated panels spaced-out.. A detail emphasizing the elegance and panache of this beautiful  Series

Aakriti Madeline Bed
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