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5 Things to Consider while buying Sofa for Your Lavish Living Room

If we start defining a sofa and its importance in your home, it is far more than just a piece of furniture. You love to serve your guests on your plush sofa by welcoming them for any gathering or relaxing with a cup of coffee after your whole day of work and tiredness. Sofas are comfortable furniture crafted by experts and designed by furniture designers to provide comfort and rest. However, furniture produced from fast fashion is not durable and needs a change after a year or two. It is advisable to change your furniture and switch to luxury furniture for immense comfort. If you live in New Delhi, there are timeless furniture pieces in Kirti Nagar to choose from & give your living room a new life. Here are some factors which you should consider before buying a sofa.

Choose the Best Sofa Material:

If you are going to buy a sofa, consider the material quality as the first decision factor. Generally, sofas are made up of rexine and leather. They are the most-used and best material that lasts for years. Also, there are several other types of materials available but they form the base of sofas. Check the sofa’s durability and from which material is this made up of. It should be of good quality and not just a covering of leather or rexine over the wooden structure. Ask questions from the seller about its material, quality etc.

Healthy Sofas:

Healthy sofa means sofas that are best suited to your health. They are designed by keeping in mind the body postures and the perfect shape of the furnishing that render best comfort level. Generally, sofas that come with L-shape are considered as the best both for your health and home. Now-a-days, there are a range of sofas in the market that suits your body with their stunning comfort features like adjustable headrest, armrest, backrest etc.

Sofas that meet your Requirement:

Before buying a sofa, consider that it fits to all your requirements. Everybody’s requirements can be different in various aspects. For example, you choose a 1/2/3-seater sofa. However, it depends on one’s family size, room layout, room space etc. If you have pets and kids at your home, you should choose a sofa that is scratch resistant.


The most important factor to decide when you buy a sofa is its fabric. Different sofas have different fabrics. Synthetic fabric is natural, safe and good to adopt for your furniture. If you have pets i.e., a dog or a cat, choose a fabric that is easy to clean spotlessly.


It simply means the measurement of a sofa that you should focus on before buying. Before choosing a sofa, make sure that it will fit into your room. Please measure the both the width (back sofa’s measurement) and depth (measurement from back of the sofa, to the front). Make sure of the room size that you’re buying the sofa i.e., large or small. If you are buying for a smaller room, pay attention to depth of the sofa as depth of the seat changes from larger to smaller sofas.

Living Room is the first attraction of your home. It’s the first space where you welcome your guests. You might not know the fact but the guests notice your furniture and its quality as the first thing they enter. Sofas are the centre of attraction in your living room. If you’re living in and across Delhi NCR, consider the Sun and Kris for buying sofas and other furniture. It has timeless furniture pieces in Kirti Nagar to choose from as it is the only international brand located in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi.

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