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Give your home the warm and luxury update through the use of faux fur decor in your interiors. Fur has rich texture and can add a soft feel of luxury to any room. It’s also easy to incorporate in your house. Just adding a faux fur blanket or pillow to your living room space

or bedroom will immediately enhance the room's looks and help create homey feel.

1. Soft Fur Bedding

Fur bedding adds a cozier and more welcoming appeal to the bed. It is so comfortable and cozy that you may not want to get out of it throughout the year but during winter months it’s a true blessing.

2. Fur Chair Cushions

Fur Cushions adds trendy appeal to the room. It’s nice to add this look in the winter months to add festive and seasonal look. Make any room in your home extra cozy with a faux fur pillow. These pieces easily add softness, depth and texture to any room. You can add one of these pillows to a leather accent chair in the living room to create a cozy nook.

3. Fur Blankets used as a Throw on chairs

Use some throw blankets to add some cozy feels and warmth to the living room. Using fur adds more texture and interest to the space. Placing a faux fur blanket on the back of a accent chair or sofa creates a warm element in your room. No matter what fur throw you decide on it is sure to add a perfect touch of elegance and luxury to any room.

4. Use as a Base of your Table

Use a fur throw as a base of your table. Instead of a traditional rug go with something that has a bit more texture. This works especially well when you have hardwood floors.

5. Area Rugs

Fur area rugs are too soft that you would like to walk on them barefoot in winters. Whether it’s adding some fun to the play room or some warmth in living room these rugs aren’t going out of style anytime.

Decor Tips for using Fur:

  • Limit your fur to only one or two pieces per space.

  • Select light pieces instead of dark.

  • Pair faux fur with rich textures to make your living space feel cozier and warmer.

  • Place your faux fur where people are able to touch it. This material encourages engagement in space.

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