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We all know that the proven medicine can take up to 18 months to be available, but the only thing we can do is self precautions.

We all have children, senior citizens and other family members at home. Personal hygiene is important and it is equally important to disinfect your home like furniture, door handles, knobs and counters.

Coronavirus can survive for up to 72 hours on surfaces like plastic and steel, and up to 24 hours on cardboard, wood and other organically derived building materials. So, your best option is maintaining cleanliness.

But what about the furniture in your home? To keep your furniture germ free and safe follow a following tips:

Use alcohol-based cleaners

We have alcohol based cleaners available in markets. They are effective against the novel coronavirus. Spray them on wooden surfaces, plastic, glass, metal etc using a spray bottle, then wipe with a clean damp cloth to ensure good cleanliness.

Keep cushions and upholstery in the sun

 If you can remove cushions or seat covers of your furniture, keep them in sunlight for sometime. UV rays from the sun are effective against Novel Corona Virus.

Disinfect using mild detergent

Furniture like bamboo and jute furniture, plastic, knobs and handles can be easily wiped off with a slightly damp cloth soaked in mild liquid detergent.

Vacuum your upholstered furniture

Its good to regularly vacuum upholstered pieces. If you have upholstered furniture in the living room they see maximum exposure to pet hairs, sneezes, unwashed hands and dust. The vacuuming can help you not only a clean upholstery, but also protects against allergies.

These methods can help ensure that even if you are isolating yourself from social contact during COVID-19, you can still stay relatively safe and protected against the virus.

Till vaccines are available, you need to stay extra safe through precaution and practice good hygiene.


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