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Sun & Kris is the biggest  Furniture brand in Kirti Nagar under which we have four Stores of different furniture selection.

Phenomenal designs, relentless attention to even the smallest of details, and an unabashed commitment to quality, style, and longevity. Our clients appreciate the fusion of color, texture, and design that provides a level of elegance and grace befitting of luxurious homes. We have a huge collection of multinational Furniture Brands that will help you shaping your area into a luxury.  

Sun & Kris is home to have many multinational lifestyle furniture brands. Our range of designer furnishings seamlessly blends with your modern home décor. We give perfect interiors for your complete home. 

Kuka is a leading brand in the home furnishing industry, which owns a global reputation as a furniture giant.  KUKA has gone through three generations since it's the foundation.  Large brand approx 4800+ selling outlets with 5 huge production factories which makes this brand bigger itself.


A dynamic company in the luxury furnishings sector guided by its president Fabio Masolo with passion and determination. Founded in 1956 by the original nucleus of the Masolo family, across over 60 years of history, elegant lines of the furnishings generate geometric and sinuous figures, a blend of classicism and futurism that could only be achieved by avant-garde design

Today Alf Group is one of the most important companies in the international furniture market. brilliantly successful beginnings have led the alf group to make continuous research for quality its mission.The Alf Group dates back to the 1950s. A group of highly skilled, experienced italian craftsmen founded a co-op located in francenigo (treviso) to mass produce wooden furniture.


Found in 2004, DeRUCCI is dedicated to providing healthy scientific sleeping environment with a complete ergonomic bedding system including beds, slats, mattresses, power beds, pillows, and bedding textiles. DeRUCCI currently operates more than 3600 retail showrooms in USA, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, Hongkong, India, and Singapore.


One of the biggest modern couch manufacturers in Turkey.Active since 2000, Saloni was started by founders who really care about personal and institutional reputation in the furniture sector. Saloni has been conducting careful research and development for all 19 years it has been in the business since its establishment in order to present durable, quality, functional and innovative furniture to its customers and all consumers.


Cityw has become a well-known brand in furniture industry and owned two manufacturing base in Zhejiang province and Guangdong province, it owns 7 professional sub-factories which separately produces different  style furniture from contemporary, post-modern, classical, neo-classic to European and modern sofas.


Tarik, which started to produce furniture in İnegöl under the name of "Karaca Furniture" in 1987, has gained the appreciation of its customers with the furniture it produces, with the mentality of producing better day by day, and continued its production life by improving itself day by day. 

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