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Places like our home or office that we visit regularly and everyday can have a strong affect on our mood, our thoughts and our feelings too. Just as we know the environment around us can affect us as how we behave, so can the interior design and arrangement does can affect us mood indoor.

A Few Points that affects our Mood in the interiors: To the home that has an interior we like and we love, it makes us feel good and makes homes welcoming where you wish to stay forever. Houses of your choice makes you feel positive and ultimately is good for health. All of us love to decorate homes with favourite colours and style but it is important to have a balance and effectively use the space and choose a harmonious colour scheme which is pleasant and relaxing. Bring nature into the Room It is good to incorporate nature into your space that makes your space and you relaxing and distracting too. It is believed that we are tempted to spend time gazing at the pleasant nature and keeping refreshed rather than attending to the task in hand. This is important because if we see the entire day the busy urban street scenes with moving vehicles, people and buildings they are considered to be distracting and even tiring as they require more processing from the brain.

Make a free Space in your interiors

A cluttered house is not a relaxing place if there are too many things to focus on. This requires a lot of brai. Processing and is an unrelaxing experience.

Although finding a house with a view of greenery is a problem that can be resolved.

Seating Arrangements and Lighting

Your furniture arrangement can influence people interact in your home. Placing your seats against the wall doesn’t make people from socialising, but placing chairs in groups facing one another encourages interaction.

Lighting can also influence our moods. Dim lighting at a dinner party will make guests feel more relaxed and willing to speak openly but harsh over head lighting will have the opposite effect. After all these lights natural lighting is very important throughout our homes as nobody enjoys living in a dark without doors and windows. A lack of natural light can lead to low moods and a depressive atmosphere in both the workplace and the home.


Colour has a great effect on the mood. If you have ever noticed any successful hotel or restaurant Colour schemes and seating arrangements can be used to encourage people to stay and relax in any place by using soft colours, comfortable seating and subtle lighting. Harsh lighting, bright colours and uncomfortable furniture have the opposite effect and is depressing too.

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