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Why Sun & Kris has a Range of Branded Furniture in Delhi?

Do you want to buy an extravagant massive six-seater sofa or a dining table with king-size headed chairs? Preferences can be many but options are limited. It is a big duty to hunt for a piece of furniture that you like to have for your home. You can visit stores of branded furniture in Delhi and choose the one that suits your style, choice, and status. However, the question to find out the best furniture and from which part of Delhi, is unsolved. So, if you are looking for the best luxury furniture, the only answer to it is the Sun and Kris store in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi.

From simple chairs to plush sofas, the furniture at Sun & Kris exhibits product quality and luxury that you were in search of. Being one of the best-branded furniture stores in Delhi, the Sun and Kris have the ultimate collection of luxury furniture that you will adore and immediately decide to book one. With eclectic designs and amazing fabrics, these soft furnishings will give your home an aesthetic look. Bedroom sets, dining room sets, living room sets, etc., are available in the store in several designs and colors that you cannot resist having the same set in your home.

There are three major reasons why Sun and Kris have the best and branded furniture in Delhi:

  • Architectural Design:

Each piece of furniture is first designed by using the finest elements of architecture and style. A perfect design gives perfection in their manufacturing making it comfortable and looking stylish.

  • They are Handmade:

The furniture at the store is handmade by our team of the best artisans. They make it precisely abiding by every basic rule of craftsmanship. Since it is the result of the best handwork ever, it derives the best result for our client.

  • They are Timeless:

We know that fast furniture doesn’t last long. They are meant to change after a specified timeline. However, the furniture at Sun and Kris is timeless and can serve you for a lifetime. They are stylish, luxurious, and define the modern living style in society.

Have you visited our store to explore the best branded furniture in Delhi? If not, it’s time to revamp your home with our timeless and elegant furniture.

Visit our store at C-23, Mansarover Garden Kirti Nagar New Delhi 110015, or write to us at

We are there for your service and deliver you the best furniture for your comfort and utility.

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