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This season fill your home with a breath of fresh air every day and design every corner of your home inspired by the nature.

1. Make use of Plants in interiors

Small plants always looks nice as tabletop planters and in the vases. A shot of greenery displayed in clear cylindrical vases is a creative touch on a wall shelf. Placing Ficus plants are now becoming common. Think about something different such as cactus or yucca for your interors.

2. Get the nature Inspired Flooring Put your feet on the outside styled flooring in the interiors. Wooden flooring provides the practicality of tile with a natural appearance. The wooden look can be found on carpets and rugs as well. No matter what the weather is, every day can be a pleasant through your houseful of nature-inspired design.

3. Use Natural Colors and Light

The earth tones in living room is now a new trend. Brown shades are making a comeback. Along with the beiges the medium and darker tones too are in trend. Offset a dark brown with softer colors and lots of natural or natural-looking light. All-around medium-to-dark brown look creates a cozy bedroom. Greens of all shades as well as mustards and clay-like colors also are used these days.

4. Use Natural Furniture The same materials used in porch furniture can be used in your living room and bedroom. Cane and bamboo can be brought indoors in the form of chairs, side and coffee tables. Mix outdoor-style furniture with modern and contemporary pieces. These furniture adds texture to the room. Light wood chairs with dark cushions fit right in with a natural theme.

5. Create a Natural Decor

  • Use nature picked rocks, crystals, shells, tree branches etc. Gather them in bowls or stack them on shelves.

  • Hang curtains of natural fabric.

  • Use lamps with natural shades.

  • Find natural looking wood frames for mirror and art.

  • Select nature motifs in wall art.

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