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Expected Furniture Trends in 2022

The new year has arrived. We all are looking forward to new expectations with the year. The past few years have taught us the importance of our home and especially our furniture where the entire family had spent time together after a long time. Moreover, the work-from-home culture is still a part of many organizations. This had led to an increase in demand for furniture, especially office furniture for a comfortable and balanced life.

Undoubtedly, furniture is an essential part of our life. With the onset of the new year, let us start updating our current furniture that has turned old. Do you stay in Delhi and look for the best furniture in the market? If yes, there are stores for international furniture in Delhi with luxurious collections that suit your interior and exteriors.

However, to make an unparallel choice, you should be aware of the latest furniture trends and concepts prevalent in 2022. Here are a few furniture designs trend that will last for a long, and in 2022.


The phrase “Old is Gold” can never go wrong! The fashion for vintage will never fade especially in the case of furniture. That classic with some rusty touch will always make any furnishing beautiful. Vintage looks always give your furniture and house a classic and beautiful look. Choose our range of vintage luxury furniture from the Sun & Kris store for a classy and golden-era look.


Today, surviving a day without food is a possibility, but surviving without gadgets and technology seems to be impossible. Like smartphones have become an integral part of our life, so will be smart furniture. Now, imagine furniture that will help you with that such, as bedside mobile and tablet holders, portable speakers, and chargers connected with the sofa. Comfort, luxury, and technology will be part of your furniture.


Many prefer glossy over matte and vice versa. Both have different qualities. The appearance of the matte finish is mute and roughened due to those imperfections such as stretches will be less visible. The gl

ossy finish has a louder and shiner effect that will give volume to the house.


Modern trends with a vintage touch or vintages with a modular look give the house a unique and trendy look. The combination vintage wardrobe with modest chairs and a slightly western look will give the house a liveliness touch.


Shifting and rearranging your furniture is a part of our home décor. We change our wall paintings, shift beds in some direction to get enough space, and several other Vastu techniques. Furniture that is light-weight and flexible called multi-functional furniture will be the trend. They look classic with maximum flexibility.


Love for nature will never end. We love to relax in a place where nature has a boundary to soothe our senses. Creating a living area on a terrace garden for relaxation requires rough wood-finished furniture to make the setup complete. Some prefer rugged woods to create the bedroom or kitchen.


Be ready to have a touch of glossy marble finish on your furniture. Marble designs not only give a sophisticated look but it converts your space into a luxurious setup. From kitchen counters to the center table-tops, marbles make them look like a piece of luxury. The combination of woods with marble is one astonishingly lavish look for the house.

Are you ready to adopt these amazing furniture trends and designs for your lavish home? Visit the stores for international furniture in Delhi like the Sun & Kris and book your furniture to shift your lifestyle as per the ongoing trends. Visit our official website for more details.

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