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What Makes Sun&Kris Different from the Others?

If any of you entice to shop at high street furniture retailers offering affordability, SUN&KRIS is the finest retailing luxury furniture brand worldwide. A display area of more than 150,000 sq. ft. and more than 60 exclusive products in all categories.

When we decide to décor or renovate our space, it is necessarily important that we choose livable pieces of furniture that provide a touch of luxury to it. We always want furniture, that is long-lasting, which means luxury furniture is our best option. SUN&KRIS is one of the most trusted furniture stores in Kirti Nagar that has luxury furniture which is not only long-lasting but also very comfortable and trendy.

SUN&KRIS operates worldwide through its four retail stores: Ambiance, Indesign, Arterio, and Aakriti all located in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. The quality of materials, the way they look, and the comfortability are what make SUN&KRIS different from others.

SUN&KRIS has furniture that is suitable for every generation & family with beauty and dignity personified. There’s an old saying “money can’t buy happiness” Whoever coined this certainly missed that it can help you buy a luxury lifestyle through versatile lux & fashion décor furniture for every part of your house that is like buying happiness.


Living Areas is the first thing to be revealed to the guest. It takes minimal touch here and there to make a huge impact. When it comes to the sofa for the living area, comfortability and stylish look are what we always go for a wide range of luxury sofas and other living area items SUN&KRIS is a trusted furniture store that will give your living area a sophisticated and glamorous look.


Sometimes, it only takes the tiniest change to make a beautiful difference. Dining Area is not just to have dinner. It is a place where we spend some quality time with family while enjoying our dinner. So, why not make this place with some customized design that gives it a beautiful look. SUN&KRIS luxury furniture has a wide range of top quality and design dining area products but, they also customize your designs according to your taste.


SUN&KRIS offers customized products that help in making any space more personalized than others. A Large collection of sleeping luxury furniture helps complete the exact look you want. SUN&KRIS also have a wide range of bedroom set with bed, matching dresser, and nightstands to make the sleeping area comfortable, unique, and elegant.


Enhancing any area, we have to add some unique characteristics to it. Designer chandeliers, luxury light settings, and many other outstanding kinds of stuff will enhance the beauty. SUN&KRIS have a wide range of lifestyle collection which, give the area a unique and elegant look.

Luxury is not about price and looks, but it's about comfortability, uniqueness, elegance, and affordability. If you are looking for trusted furniture stores in the Kirti Nagar market, New Delhi then, SUN&KRIS is what will help you to fulfill all your needs. Luxury furniture at SUN&KRIS is the most affordable one you will ever find around the area of Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. The quality of the piece they are offering is one of the best. The designs and comfortability are also what you have to look out for. SUN&KRIS's best feature that makes them even more different from the others is the customization of products according to your needs.

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