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Is your house ready for this Monsoon Season?

Protect your house for this monsoon season and avoid water coming in your house during rains.

Before you welcome the Monsoon season take protective measures to protect your home and its décor from the monsoon. The rain feels like magic in the monsoon but it can also mess up your home if not taken measures carefully before hand.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy monsoons carefree.

1) Seal all the Gaps

Don’t let the monsoon water collect in your home as on the streets. Inspect your doors and windows for any gaps. If there are any get them repaired immediately. If you have wooden doors and windows fix them before monsoon as wood swells up during the rainy season and windows and doors might not shut properly.

2) Roll Back the Carpets

These days we have exclusive carpets and rugs at our home and dampness is a big problem during monsoons. Dirt on your feet can mess your carpets. Instead of risking your expensive rugs roll them up and securely place them wrapped in plastic. This will protect them from the effects of this season. Also you can use thin, cheaper and easy-to-dry rugs that suit the season more.

3) Avoid Water coming on the Floor

Stagnant water is a house to mosquitoes. Your home becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and germs during monsoons. To avoid getting your home infected mop your floors everyday. You could also get pest control done prior to the monsoons to get hold of those hidden bugs and worms.

4) Check Electrical Fittings

Wires are always prone to dampness. If you have unattended wires around the house you should consider getting them fixed before the monsoon season sets in with full force. If left bare you have the risk of getting electric shocks and short circuits. To avoid this examine the electrical system properly.

5) Beware of Bugs

During the monsoons wooden furniture not only has to deal with changes in temperature and humidity but also with various pests. Termites may come inside and effect your wooden furniture. Installing a mesh around your windows can also keep the bugs coming in.

Monsoons can be harsh on your interiors. Make sure your wooden furniture is at least six inches away from walls to prevent any damage.

6) Ventilate your House

Monsoons mean spending a lot of time indoors. That is why it gets extremely important to ventilate homes well during monsoon season. Make the most of the sun when it shines during the day by leaving your doors and windows open.

7) Take care of Wooden Furniture

The dampness from rain can reach your wooden furniture and cause damage. Keep camphor balls between your clothes to save them. Try and use a dry cloth to wipe-clean wooden furniture. This should protect your furniture during the monsoon months.

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