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Lighting is an important key when it comes to establishing an aesthetic in a room. But what if you don’t have windows in your room? Even rooms without windows can appear lighter with a few decorating tips. Here are a few tips to help you lighten a dark room with no natural light.

1. Use Artificial Lighting

This is the obvious way to deal with a house with no natural light, to incorporate artificial lighting sources like lamps and overhead lighting. Easy access to modern-day light sources means that anybody can transform a dull room into a shining space with light. The key to successfully establishing a better sense of light in your room is to nail the amount of soft and warm artificial light that’s responsible for lighting your space. Overhead track lighting fixtures with the right bulbs allow for you to highlight certain areas of a room. You can also use stylish table lamps, floor lamps and other accent lighting to illuminate specific areas of the room and give the room a decorative look.

2. Using right Color Palettes

Even after investing in stylish and bright lamps you might still not feel complete if you don't have the right color palette on your walls. In a room with no natural light, the best way to brighten up your space is to use the colors that accent the light. You’ll want to stay away from darker colors or richer tones as they will only accentuate the lack of natural light in the room. Choosing colors with slightly pale shades as they will help bolster the natural light of the room. Pastels, ivory, soft grey, powder blue and cream are all helpful lighting solutions for dark rooms.

3. Have Reflective Surfaces

Use in darker rooms wall mirrors and glass. A mirror helpful in lightening up a room. Place your mirrors in a way that they catch the most reflective light. Also having a floor or table lamp near a mirror will do the trick. If you have a small window that appears to give you little or no light, place a mirror on the opposite side to amplify the amount of light your receive. They’re a great decorating piece that can also help bounce the amount of light you’re receiving around the room — creating the illusion of a more lit space.

4. A Pop Up

Adding plants and other greenery is a smart move when decorating a house with no natural light. Not only do they give the room a more natural feel but they can even make a dark room feel brighter. Choose plants with bright, colorful pots which can add a splash of color and brightness to the room.

5. Don't leave the space Over-Cluttered

A common issue to experience in rooms is the lack of space. This problem is even bigger if rooms don't have much light since a cluttered look can make a space look darker.

Consider using wall space to deal with this issue. When your space is free your room looks larger and lighter in effect.

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