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Most of us have a few pieces we absolutely love. The world of interiors has increasingly embraced the mixing of styles. There are a few tricks to ensure that blending things together beautifully can create a personal style.

1) Match colors and patterns

You can combine a green sofa with a chair in sand color. Add a throw blanket to the chair that reflects the same shades of earth-tone colors. Decorate with accessories on your coffee tables like dried flowers in varying tones of green in a bowl.

2) Play with the weight of furniture and accessories

Mainly dining rooms looks heavy with rectangular dining table, you can coordinate with square shaped back chairs in a similar wood finish. Temper the heavy look of the room by mixing in a delicate touch. You can place fragile crystal candle holders and a porcelain statue in the center of the dining table. You can add potted plants with gently flowing foliage to the room.

3) Mix and match wood finishes

If you’ve started your living room with light shade, try adding dark walnut as an accent. Coordinate the wood choices in the room by hanging wooden picture frames of each wood finish represented in the room.

4) Follow a time period theme

If the focal point of your living room is an antique lamp pair it with an end table that resembles the same time period. Hang paintings that showcase old times. Mix in a few modern focal points for variety. Position tall ceramic floor pots with floral arrangements in the corners for a colorful touch.

5) Play up a classic style with a new twist

Choose a chest of drawers or a buffet with classic artwork. Hang modern framed photographs on the wall. Accent the room with bright plush rugs and chic style dinner plates.

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