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Sun & Kris- Adding Timeless Beauty and Elegance to Your Space

Furniture makes your life easier. It renders the comfort that you look for. Its presence gives you peace of mind and creativity to experiment with its types and designs. Moreover, ordering furniture of your choice has now become easy as most of the stores have switched to online mode where users can select the furniture and get it delivered to their homes. But when it comes to buying luxury furniture, a visit to the store is a must to have a live view of their design & look and feel. It makes purchase decisions accurate and easy. So, if you have chosen to switch to luxury furniture, but are clueless on where to get it from, it's time to visit the Sun & Kris for timeless furniture pieces in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi.

How does Sun & Kris furniture add Royalty and Elegance to Your home?

Luxury furniture needs no definition when you visit the Sun & Kris store to choose your piece of furniture. From coffee tables to dining tables & luxury beds to bespoke sofas, every piece of furniture is crafted by our team of artisans and designers with a great professional experience. Think of the category, design, and color, we have it for you in our store. the furniture from Sun & Kris is the best choice to make your home look royal, elegant, and sophisticated.

The Best Store for International Furniture in Delhi:

Sun & Kris has a large team of professionals that guarantee a unique and designer personal space keeping in mind the integral concept of luxury and décor. Our extensive collection of furniture allows us to offer you a great variety of furniture in every category with exclusive design and color. Since the manufacture and design elaboration of the pieces is handmade, we take care of every minute detail to present you with the most wonderful creation to adapt to your decoration.

The quality and beauty of Sun & kris furniture are reflected in its design and creation of unique pieces. Our four stores Aakriti, Indesign, Ambience, and Arterio give you an impeccable architecture fused with a careful selection of majestic designs and a great choice of materials. Our handcrafted furniture makes us one of the best stores for international furniture in Delhi. Our showrooms are a reflection of how your interior will look after placing Sun & kris furniture. The spectacularly high ceilings highlight the vastness of the living room and you can find the exquisite uniqueness while choosing furniture for your room.

Sun & Kris is devoted to realizing the nature of living space, returning each space to its original moderation and balance. We call HOME such a place where furniture can make you relax, enjoy, and welcome your guests to maintain a distinct level of stature in society. Visit our store at C-23 Mansarover Garden, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi, and take home the best collection of elite furniture. Visit our official website for a quick tour of our variety of furniture present online.

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